Webinar aankondiging: online monitoring van drinkwaterparameters – essentieel tijdens de corona-crisis, maar hoe ga je om met waterverspilling?

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Tijdens dit webinar (in het Nederlands) belichten we het waterverbruik van sensoren die op een by-pass zijn aangesloten, in relatie tot de mogelijkheden om dit waterverlies zoveel mogelijk te beperken en daarmee de waterlevering te maximaliseren, zeker in tijden van droogte.

A short history of sensor developments for water monitoring – how did we get where we are today?

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Since the late nineteen sixties, water monitoring experts have been engaged in an arms race with the industrial sector to determine the effects of discharges of a wide variety of chemicals into the environment, and to feed regulatory bodies with the necessary information to adequately protect public health.

Lessons learnt during Covid 19 pandemic can help us tackle climate change issues

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Despite its terrible consequences, the worldwide virus outbreak offers us the possibility to learn essential lessons about the automation process in the water industry, and enables us to make the necessary improvements for a future which will inevitably bring many more challenges.

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