From the cradle of water knowledge

For centuries, the Netherlands has had a challenging relationship with water. Located in a delta area, water forms the foundation of Dutch culture: it is essential to our economy and well-being but also poses a constant threat. The Netherlands has spent decades mastering the art of managing, treating and supplying water, and has become a world leader in water technology. Water expertise from the Netherlands is in high demand.

Sensileau originates from and builds on this rich tradition of developing and sharing water knowledge.

Together, Sensileau’s four main water experts have more than 100 years’ experience in water technology research, development and problem-solving. We learn about new sensor technologies and their applications every day. We gather this knowledge from all over the world and convert it into practical tools to help you face your water challenges. Just like the Dutch have been doing for centuries.

Insights from around the world

Our partners, customers and associate experts are located all over the world.

Our mission

With our expertise we aim to contribute to a more sustainable water industry which is well-prepared to face a future dominated by climate change challenges and increased water demand. We convert vast amounts of research reports and peer-reviewed literature into practical tools which support the successful implementation of sensor technologies. In doing so, we minimise the time necessary to maximise the benefits from all available knowledge. With the Sensileau Sensor Platform, we reach out to all water experts around the globe to support them in their efforts to protect water quality, now and in the future.

Our vision

Water quality monitoring is a means to an end, not a goal in itself. But when faced with major water challenges such as pollution or climate change effects, insight into water quality is essential to determine the extent of the problem and monitor the effects of measures taken. Without sensors, we are blind and deaf to what goes on in our water systems. Every water expert needs reliable data to check compliance with legal standards, control and optimise treatment processes, track changes during distribution or determine the effects of effluent discharges. Thus, every water expert needs to know how sensor technologies can provide the necessary information to support action.

Our team

We are a team of dedicated experts, determined to take online water quality monitoring to a higher level, and inspiring others to join in that effort.

Dr. Corina Carpentier
Dr. Corina CarpentierCEO/CSO
Corina (PhD in aquatic ecotoxicology) has more than 20 years’ experience in (online) water quality monitoring as a researcher and consultant. She is responsible for the technical content and quality of Sensileau’s products and services.
Jan Broos Msc.
Jan Broos Msc.CCO/CTO
Jan (MSc water quality/ecology) developed a digital platform for knowledge-intensive service provision, which we use for Sensileau. Jan is responsible for the technical infrastructure, database management and business development.
Rudolf Jongma
Rudolf JongmaCustomer support
Rudolf provides customer support to our clients around the world, organises Sensileau’s main events such as the webinars and workshops, and provides the latest updates on the platform’s technical content via LinkedIn and other social media.
Judith Herschell Cole BSc.
Judith Herschell Cole BSc.USA
Judith is one of the nation’s leading experts on membrane filtration systems, and has significant experience with other treatment processes and equipment. Based in the USA, Judith is responsible for providing support in North America.
Henk Reitsma MSc.
Henk Reitsma MSc.Lead programmer
Henk is an IT-expert and passionate about innovative and easy-to-use software. As lead programmer of the Sensileau Sensor Platform, he works on the development and maintenance of the applications, including the web interface and underlying database.
Sergio de Campos Msc.
Sergio de Campos Msc.Spain
Sergio (MSc in Earth Sciences: Meteorology & Geophysics) provides local support from Barcelona (Spain) as well as expertise on environmental monitoring networks design and EU funding instruments for innovation.
Roozbeh Aminian
Roozbeh AminianIntern
Roozbeh is currently studying MSc Environmental, Energy and Water management with specialization in Water Management at University of Twente. Under the supervision of dr. Corina Carpentier he writes his master thesis. Roozbeh is working on the project called development of Water Impact Forecast tool (Wat-IF), which is a tool to make wastewater treatment plants more sustainable.

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