End of the year webinar

In the upcoming webinar (free) on 14 December, we present a brief overview of all the topics we have addressed in 2020, in podcasts or webinars, during workshops or in the sensor database. We look back on the past year to review the knowledge we have shared and look ahead to the topics we will be addressing in 2021.

In this one-hour webinar, we present a bird’s eye view of the topics we have addressed in the past year, including:

  • Metals and metal monitoring, by Rick Bacon of Aqua Metrology Systems (USA)
  • Blue-green algae monitoring in bathing waters, by Ron van der Oost of Waternet Water Board (NL)
  • Post-Covid optimization strategies for water utilities, by Judith Herschell Cole of Sensileau (USA)
  • State of affairs in sensor developments, including updates in the sensor database, by Corina Carpentier of Sensileau (NL)
  • Sensors for water quality monitoring in agriculture, by Jan Broos of Sensileau (NL)
  • Wat-IF Impact forecast model for wastewater treatment plants, by Roozbeh Aminian of Sensileau (NL)
  • What happens next: Plans for new content and products in 2021, by Rudolf Jongma of Sensileau (NL)

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